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J’ai adoré voyager avec New Star Car. Le type qui s’est occupé de moi m’a fait découvrir les places magnifiques de l’ile qui ne se trouvaient même pas dans les magazines.
A n’importe quel moment j’avais besoin d’un conseil sur une place ou sur n’importe quoi, j’’appelais mon chauffeur et le bonhomme présentait les meilleurs idées au monde !
Amical et accueillant, New Star Car était là pour nous aider à mieux séjourner à l’Ile Maurice. Il était notre guide, notre ami et on pouvait compter sur lui pour la moindre des choses.
New Star Car est magnifique comme service de location de voitures. Il y tout ce dont on avait besoin. Mon chauffeur était toujours à l’heure et très jovial.
I asked for a car to rent and a driver a well but were so thrilled to discover as that the driver was an excellent guide as well. He took us to the most beautiful places in Mauritius. Seriously, we have no regrets.
Instant responses and quick services. The cars are well maintained and easy to handle. New Star Car was just perfect when I needed to rent a car.
Our friend recommended us New Star Car for the car rental needs when we talked about planning to visit Mauritius. She had made our reservations and we were welcomed to Mauritius by a smiling chauffeur on our arrival to the airport. Everything was being taken care of. We didn’t get to experience the least hassle.
We needed a car for 2 weeks and tried New Star Car. The service was quick and perfect. We took a Honda and the car was clean, in good condition and smooth to drive. No problem encountered.
We came to Mauritius for a 3 weeks’ vacation and were recommended New Star Car for our car rental needs. We were positively surprised by the warm and professional approach of the person who attended to us. We got a car of our choice quickly and also some recommendations on places we can visit. Everything was just so nice.